Gee Baller, Скриптонит — 7 DAYS

Boy I get that money
And I get that guap
Use to be broke
But I changed that now

Living by the pool
With some hecres now
I don’t live by the rules
We getting papers now

Look at y’all faces now
Y’all mad cos a young nigga really made it now
Y’all chasing clout
Fuck that boy I been chasing the bag

So many cash in my pockets
They sag
I’m breaking bread with brothers from Kazakh
Script on the drums and still he on the verse

I took the game and put it on reverse
I took your hoe and put her in a dress
That’s just for flex
Boy I’m up next

Gorilla enеrgy hang on my chest
I’m like Craig David back in 2000
Sevеn days, for the new advances
Always hungry like a praying mantis

Shoot my shot, like a born assassin
Heard you was looking for me
I tell em go check out the resume
While I be having conversations with top models and we sipping on Chardonnay

Boy, I don’t need me a Felipe
I still be dripping on the scene
I still dey rolling with day 1s, never had to switch up on my team
I done pay my dues, make them go sleep

Been on my Grind, chasing blue cheese
Gave the city different type of vibes
Now they asking damn, who’s he?
Penthouse with the uzi

Kick game, like a Bruce Lee
We drip exotic on different occasions
We get the bag and flip it in rotation
Set up a shop and take over the nation

Fuck y’all talm about bwouy
I’m like Craig David to this hoes
Don’t mess with chick if she play her nose
If you know then you know

I’m not tryna but what y’all promote

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