Hello, I’m da helping
To be the one
Hello, I’m da helping
Like you face warning
Make you wanna fight
You know, I’m sounding
Like a great warning
Make you wanna leave
You know, I’m talking
Like you free to (coin)

Hello, inside
I’m like a free (whine), huh
Hello, and talking
Like a free point
Make you wanna (flare)

Hello, (enzo) fame warning
Me you wanna fall
You know, huh, ha-hah
I’m gonna re-wind

Yeah, I get fall, we fail
Treat me tight (at tail)
I will call phoney
We at there keep fell
Pocket-homе of hell
I for both down, ney

Say, I o-o-o-we
Say, I o-o-o-wе

No bow-bow-bow-bow
Wanna bow-bow-bow-bow
Woah, yeah

Hello, inside
I don’t wanna be whining at her
Hello, and silent I wanna rewind
Make you wanna fuck

Hello, inside
I wanna be the one, ney
You know without
I wanna free the one (lay)

I don’t keep feel with the
And you can’t stole me from
I don’t get fuck with the, lonely
Oh we love instead
Kicking or with her
Won’t be bout lonely
Say, I o-o-o-we
For oh-oh-oh-oh-how?
No bow-bow-bow-bow
No bow-bow-bow-bow
Like you want me

Hello, inside
I wanna rewind
Hello, and talking
Wanna repoint
Make you run of air

Hello, inside
I wanna be the one
Make you lot of fair
You know, you know, inside
I wanna be if you want, down there

Oh, woah
I wanna breathe the one
Make a lot of love
You know, with this out
I tie and wanna pray the warning
Make you wanna fly

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