Gee Baller, Скриптонит — REMEMBER

Remember this, remember that
Bomboclat pon the place
Dem afi nuh
What dem ah say nuh
Ah rude bwoy

Remember this, remember that
Back then was was flat
Broke like a motherfucker
I’m always gon remember that
Back then we had no cheques
Back then we was wack
Real niqqa shit uh
I’m Never capping in my rap
Banging on the drill for so long
I had to lose my self
Lost respect , and I went back
I had to get it back
No weakness in my blood
That’s a fact ,Where I’m at
Most of this niggas can’t adapt
What you know about it ?
Grinding in a city 10,000 miles away from home prolly
And I still can’t trust nobody
Still don’t understand the language
But that shit don’t stop my hustle
Put me with the lions
I bet I’ll make it out the fucking jungle
Uh you dig
It’s an eye for an eye
And a cheque for a check
I keep it humble with myself
Boy don’t play with my respect
What you give Is what You get
I fuck with karma like it’s sex
I don’t need the extra drama
I’m just focused on success

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