Gee Baller, Скриптонит — PARANOID

Bitch I’m just sliding
No crew with me
Moving solo- paranoid
But I still kicking

Watching behind me
Something might be fishing
But I’ stay ready for beefs this niggas be dishing
Jumping on stage like the new edition

Take no permission
Had to go and get it like
The man on a mission

Bitch I was made for this
Some call it luck
But I work hard for this
Came a long way from dealing narcotics

Now let me tell you a story how it came down to this
Back then 06
I was ten years old making moves for the OGees
Never switched up, I kept it solid No lose lips

Fast forward, to the day I got clinched
On Sunday morning
My mama woke me up
I jumped out the bed still yawning

Grip my backpack, and hit the streets
Boy I was running
Down to the bando
Took like four bricks

Then it was time to page Orlando
I hit him on his celly, yo bwoy what’s poppin
Tell me what’s the word, where you at? What’s hanin
Gee I’m by the block we all set for the drop off

I’m with the connect, so link me at the kebab shop
Aii word I’ll link you up in a minute
Something was off, and I could feel it
But that’s my homie tho

I might be trippin
So I pulled up by the spot, shit ain’t even
Then I start to wonder like Steven
My homie led me out here to the garden of eden

I’m getting snaked out
Next thing I heard the cops pull up, n they finna take out
So I said to myself

I’m not letting nobody get the best of me me till the death

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