Gee Baller, Скриптонит — ICUFMM

Hold on
Wait wait
Hold on
Wait wait
Hold on
Wait wait

Сейчас подожди
Eyyy eyyy

I put my hoodie on
Out in the streets
I’m tryna put on some millions
No time for booty calls
Call all my amigo and tell em it’s time for that duty call
They know what time we on
If it ain’t euros , dollars or pounds then let it go
That’ shit hysterical
I been a hustler since I was cut from the umbilical
I need that big checks, Big racks
My melanin flex , Intact
And when I hit that , It’ splash
I need about a milli in cash
I need like 4 milli in cars
I’m putting that jewellery last
Then put a couple bands for the fam (family)
Out here we just tryna be the man (man)
I heard my shit popping in Japan
Im about to cop me a new lamb

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