Gee Baller, Octavian, Скриптонит — E.T.A.

I I just hit the plug
Where he at?
Ima slide
Used to be on quarantine

But now we back outside
Got my coins up
Then I bossed up
Whole gang blessed up

Studio nonstop
Flipping that work
I don’t need no stop watch
I just bang

Essie with the gang
Moscow City on the map
36 with the glitzy
U know how I keep it busy

Ballin harder that Houdini
Fuck that hoe in my denim, while I sipping on the Henny
& I still keep a semi
Automatic with that shit

If a niqqa say he opp
Better tell him where we be
In a trap
With the fiends

Flip about a 100 keys
Watch the streets
Where u from?
Better know ur pedigree

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