Архив рубрики: Эминем

Американский рэпер, автор-исполнитель, композитор, музыкальный продюсер, продюсер и актёр.


Eminem — Criminal

A lot of people ask me stupid fucking questions
A lot of people think that what I say on a record or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real life or that I believe in it
Or if I say that I wanna kill somebody that I’m actually gonna do it or that I believe in it
Well, shit, if you believe that then I’ll kill you
You know why? Читать далее


50 Cent, Ed Sheeran, Eminem — Remember The Name

Yeah I was born a misfit, grew up ten miles from the town of Ipswich
Wanted to make it big I wished it to existence
I never was a sick kid, always dismissed quick
Stick to singing, stop rapping like it’s Christmas
And if you’re talkin’ money then my conversation’s shiftin’
My dreams are bigger than just being on the rich list Читать далее