BrainStorm — End of My Innocence

Is it the weight of the world that will hide the truth
When souls are grieving?
Is it the word to believe in what I’m telling you
When liars are thieving?
Never what you used to see; you’re screaming this ain’t fair
But you feel the pressure rise and nobody cares

Now I can see there is a thin line, tonight the sparks will fly
So superstitious caught in your mind, I’m losing time

I’ve been so far away, far away from you
End of my innocence, help me to make it through

Now I know the lies and the feeling, the loss of control
When the night falls
Who can decide what is wrong what is right on my mind?
I’ll close my eyes…
The voice of reason slips away, speak up if you dare
Listen to my spirit scream, ain’t nobody there

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